[ Blog ] A CMO’s Struggle To Succeed In Digital Marketing

Today, there are more channels to market to than at any other time in history. This causes huge struggle for many CMOs, whose biggest challenge is mastering the complexities of content marketing whilst creating enough content to feed the customer journey. This level of complexity means it is hard to achieve best practice or even good practice with content marketing.

We’re here to advocate digital marketing of course, but more so to welcome businesses to the extraordinary new world of digital and the capabilities it offers. Marketers need to embrace digital and evolve their processes and strategies accordingly because ultimately, it will deliver coherent messaging and improve the customer journey.

So where to begin?

Before you do anything, you need perspective. You need to review your current business situation. What are your competitors doing? What’s happening in your market? What are your digital capabilities? And where are the opportunities for growth? Ambition is a great thing to have, but, you need an understanding of what is realistic and also what goals are achievable.

Once this is covered you’ll need to start setting some objectives so you need to think about:

  • What are you aiming for in terms of objectives?
  • How will you prioritise these objectives?
  • What are we going to track? What are the key performance indicators?

Try to get some quick wins in there with your objectives. Of course you’re going to have some ambitious goals but even think about the more realistic things that you can tick off. A quick win is anything that is visible, has immediate benefit and requires the least amount of effort. A quick win doesn’t have to have a long-term impact on your organisation, but it is essential that all (or most) of your stakeholders agree to it. The best quick wins are inexpensive, timely and, more importantly, easy to implement. Remember that quick wins must deliver value and should contribute to the improvement of your digital strategy. Identifying and implementing a quick win will gain attention and improved senior management buy-in, but only if you can show that it provides tangible positive results.

Another key thing to remember is that a digital strategy should be ever-evolving and never static. To make sure you are effectively marketing your brand, your strategy must be continually updated and tweaked – in line with the rise and fall of digital channels. If you really want to succeed, you must evolve your brand alongside the channels you use to market it. By constantly revising your strategy, you will be able to track which channels are working best and when.


If you’d like to understand more about digital strategy, read our guide now:

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