[ Blog ] A Tangible Framework for Marketing Automation Success

Marketing automation leads to improved efficiency across a range of marketing activities. It offers savings in time and money while enhancing the connection between prospects and customers.

The question, therefore, is not ‘should we employ marketing automation?’ but ‘how and when should we employ it?’

Whether you’ve already invested in marketing automation and need consultancy or are still deciding on a platform of choice and need implementation, there’s a lot to contemplate.

How do I form the right strategy to move forward?

Firstly, you’ll need to address these key elements: database segmentation, content creation, outbound messaging and lead nurturing and analytics. 

A proactive way to design a marketing automation strategy is to break it down using a marketing framework. Here’s a quick overview of the SOSTAC framework.

SITUATION ANALYSIS. Understand where you are today by evaluating your current business model. Consider your current lead generation and lead management strategy alongside trends, competition and roadblocks.

OBJECTIVES. Where do you want to be based on goals and SMART objectives? Now is a good time to examine marketing and sales KPI’s such as MQL’s and SQL’s. 

STRATEGY. Organise a workshop to define the customer journey. Consider how to reach your audience and how you will convert leads to sales. This is where Salesforce integration comes in. 

TACTICS. Define how you’re going to get there. Is your database built and segmented? What digital channels will you use to market and onboard the necessary teams required? 

ACTIONS. Decide who does what, when? Compile a list of responsibilities including tasks and milestones. Include detailed information such as systems and processes- this will save you time in the long run.

CONTROL. Make sure you reach your goal by reviewing regularly and amending when necessary. This includes testing schedules, tracking and reporting on objectives and also usage. 


We discuss the SOSTAC Model in more detail in our latest guide, Marketing Automation Success using Salesforce. If you’re a Salesforce user and want to understand more about marketing automation, we recommend you read the guide now to identify a strategy for success.  

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