[ Blog ] Conversational Marketing is on the rise but why Drift?

Conversational marketing is on the rise and in 2020, we can expect to see an increase on companies leveraging conversational marketing tools, meeting the needs of their customers and keeping up with digital marketing trends. It’s evident that people struggling to find information or an answer quickly and easily online is a common issue, which is why chatbots have become so popular in the world of marketing. Research shows that the odds of qualifying a lead are 21x higher with conversational marketing implemented (InsideSales,  2019). Drift, the #1 conversational marketing platform, show the extent in which these chatbots can deliver a 24/7/365 service that captures, qualifies and converts - ultimately being your sales teams’ new best friend.

So… why Drift?

  • Not only is it a chatbot, its a clever chatbot that converts through its use of strategic playbooks
  • It’s not just a widget in the corner of the page, its a conversational landing page or it’s a chat that’s happening whilst you read our latest whitepaper or watch our newest webinar
  • Drift offers triggered automated drip nurture campaigns through their Email playbooks
  • Drift have many conversational marketing products on the market including Drift Video, Drift Automation and Drift Email (formerly Siftrock)
  • There is a wide selection of integrations available

We know from past research, that only 14% of people would prefer to fill out a website form then use a chatbot (Drift, 2019), so instead of using forms in marketing campaigns, we can use Drift playbooks. Drift playbooks allow us to strategically set up user journeys for our specific types of audience or scenario, at every stage of the sales funnel. For example, on the contact us website page you would use the ‘Form Assistant’ playbook - allowing visitors to skip the form and connect directly to a sales rep or instantly book in a meeting.

With ABM (account-based marketing) being another key trend, playbooks can also be used to target priority accounts - treating them like a VIP and giving them a personalised experience. Once the bot has qualified the person and reached the playbook goal, we can then look to send the person down a different path e.g. recommending useful content or chatting online, resulting in a conversion.

There are various types of playbooks available including: Chat, Email, Conversational Landing Page and Announcement. Playbooks are set up as templates in Drift, however these can be updated to be more specific to your campaign, strategy, and KPIs. Drift have created bot skills for these playbooks, which can be used to route conversations based on demographics, book meetings, capture data and even log a support ticket in your knowledge base. These bot skills allow the sales team to take a back seat and the chatbot to do all the hard work - imagine if the sales team could walk into the office everyday with meetings already booked  for them!

Not only is Drift a key platform to consider, it can also be integrated into the overall martech stack. This means that all your captured, qualified and converted leads can instantly be passed over to your MAP or CRM. Drift are still growing by constantly adding features and products to the market, thus making conversational marketing an important part of any businesses marketing strategy.

For more information about Drift or if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch or even chat to our FloBot!

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