[ Blog ] SuccessFlow Becomes Certified Seventh Sense Partner

SuccessFlow Digital has become the first European Digital Agency to become a fully certified Marketo partner to Seventh Sense, a leading provider of email analytics and send time optimisation. 

We are now fully certified to support businesses using Marketo automation software to send marketing and sales emails with precision, thanks to our new partner Seventh Sense. Whether you’re sending to 1 or 1 million contacts, a Seventh Sense integration will deliver every email at the optimal time and frequency for each person, and that’s just the start of what this amazing technology can do.


An Ideal Partnership

SuccessFlow’s services concentrate on supporting their clients to get the upmost engagement from their digital marketing activities. We use a blend of quality content and the latest marketing technology to increase the quantity and quality of leads brought into your business.

‘Seventh Sense’s technology is the perfect partner to add to the full stack of marketing technology we can now offer our clients.’ says SuccessFlow’s Client Services Director, Jane Illman. ‘This technology enables us to get more reach with email and we’re already seeing results with existing clients, with increased numbers of interactions and conversions.’

But it’s not just marketing teams who can benefit from SuccessFlow’s new partnership. Seventh Sense also promises great results for sales. The technology lets sales teams plug into marketing’s data, enabling them to hit the ground running with new prospects. 

SuccessFlow’s Managing Director, Mark Donkin, says, ’You never have to wonder when to call or email again because each person’s response time is built into their contact card. It takes the guesswork out of prospecting and means Sales teams don’t waste time contacting leads when they’re not likely to respond.’


A new era of mature, intelligent marketing

Seventh Sense is the latest tool to be offered out as part of SuccessFlow’s technology stack, and they’re excited to see what the new partnership in Europe will bring. Seventh Sense’s Founder Mike Donnelly commented, ‘We are entering a new era of digital marketing where it’s not enough to simply be communicating. SuccessFlow’s focus on mature, intelligent marketing for their clients make them the perfect partner to navigate the new world with and we can’t wait to see what they do with the tool.’  

To discuss how your business can access this technology, or if you’d like to learn more about any of SuccessFlow’s services, contact us on 0845 680 5409.


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