[ Blog ] Digital Is Here to Stay, and Now’s The Time to Embrace It

A digital roadmap is like having GPS for your digital strategy – only without the annoying voice. It is both a strategic document and a canvas that can help companies visualise the future. The digital roadmap provides an overview of a company’s vision, objectives and strategy, and forms the ‘schedule of work’ that supports the creation of customer experiences. It also acts as a checkpoint for stakeholders, allowing them to check the status of your current proposed digital strategy.

“We know need a digital strategy, but where do we begin?” We hear a lot of this and honestly, we see many companies spend thousands trying to “digitalise” themselves. However according to Gartner, “companies should be able to ‘react at Internet speed’, which is where many companies fall down with digital marketing- because of an inability to be flexible and agile.

Agile marketing gives your employees the flexibility and productivity to deliver more of what their customers need – fast. Traditional “waterfall” style projects can be rigid and unsupportive, where especially for today’s marketers it is essential to be able to react much more quickly to the ever-changing digital landscape. Agile working helps reinforce a culture of agility by providing a structure that drives marketers to be iterative, customer-centred and focused on priorities of high value. Separate teams should not be siloed or work in isolation, digital needs buy in from all teams. Team collaboration is the key to success.

Your digital plan can leave you with a lot to think about- and a lot to do! This can be a little overwhelming so instead of planning for the years ahead – which is often unpredictable and a waste of time – try planning in bite-sized chucks or 90-day cycles.

Each cycle should include 

  • Objectives for the 90 days (broken down by month)
  • What KPIs will be used to track your objectives
  • Goals to make sure objectives are met
  • The tactics used to reach each goal


If you’d like to learn more about where to start with your digital strategy and how to make it a success, download our guide: The complete guide to developing a powerful digital strategy.

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