[ Blog ] How to Achieve Digital Transformation With Your Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is revolutionising whole industries right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy task to achieve.

According to CIO UK, only 48% of companies have some kind of ad-hoc strategy for their digital marketing, which is pretty low considering the impact a good digital strategy can have on customer experience, brand perception and ultimately your bottom line.

A good digital strategy can help you get the right message across on the right channels at the right time, which is absolutely key with your acquisition and engagement models too.

What else should you be achieving through your digital marketing strategy if you aren’t already?

  • You should see your digital strategy as your business strategy, because it extends the opportunity, both channel and revenue wise. The time and money you invest into digital will mirror the results you achieve. It’s key that you take digital seriously and get stakeholder buy-in too, or you will fall behind with your competition.
  • Do you have a successful connection with individual prospects? A digital strategy isn’t just about getting as many new customers as you possibly can, (although it would be nice!) it’s about the one-on-one experience. Is your strategy connected to the customer journey? Is marketing scheduled at specific times relevant to your persona? If not, you need a strategy to define the right message and time for your specific audience.
  • Are you successfully seeing ROI on marketing activity? To understand this you need to be measuring effectively which means refining processes. Analytics can also give you accurate insights into what works from a marketing perspective and what doesn’t. Decisions need to be data-driven as opposed to just intuition and guesswork.

If you’re not seeing these results from digital, you may want to refresh your strategy. Today, there are more channels to market to than at any other time in history. This level of complexity means it is hard to develop best practice or even good practice. Marketers should embrace this complexity and evolve their processes and strategies accordingly in order to achieve the above results.

If you’re looking to integrate your online and offline marketing, bring coherence to your messaging and deliver a better customer journey, download our complete guide to developing a powerful digital strategy.

If you’d like to understand more about how to build your digital strategy, download our guide: The Complete Guide to Developing a Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy
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