[ Blog ] Is It Time For a Refresh of Your Content Marketing Strategy?

61% of customers buying decisions are influenced by customised content, but many companies still hold off from moving towards a customer centric approach, because they are so focused on money making and sales targets as opposed to their content marketing strategy. There is a certain element of this in most businesses, however, the reality is that with so many options and competition in our digital age, businesses are getting smarter and so have certain expectations before they make a purchase with your company including the content they receive from your company.

The current digital age also means you need to act now because the longer you hold off having a customer centric approach, the more prospects you are losing to your competition. This involves thinking about the following;
  • What does the client need to get done now and how can we help?
  • What relationship do our clients expect us to establish with them?
  • What value do our clients need to see before they are willing to pay?

To do this you may want to consider aligning your communications with our five-stage customer centric model:

Stage 1: Know Me

Stage 2: Help Me

Stage 3: Make My Life Simple

Stage 4: Anticipate My Needs

Stage 5: Reward Me

People are so time poor nowadays that they make a decision within an instance which is why you absolutely need to have these aspects covered. So, how to move forward?
Understand what problems you solve. Do your research, what benefits do you add to a company and why are you in business doing what you do.
Understand who you’ve previously helped. Who are your most successful employees and how have you helped them?
Speak to your employees. Why do your employees think you win deals and how is your customer a good advocate of yours?
If you’re not absolutely clear on the above then you really need to focus some time around your communications and business model as a whole. After all, 71% of companies who exceed revenue and lead goals have documented personas which says a whole lot about actually knowing your customers in order to see success. Again, as a reminder, don’t just document personas demographical information. Think about their key characteristics, social activity, media consumption, the buyer journey, connecting with them on an emotional level and what their pain points are goals are.
As you well know, personas are vital for not only knowing who your customer is but how to speak to them on a daily basis and what they will react to and convert from across the customer journey. Using a documented tone of voice will also strengthen your communications as a business and define a personality in order to make you a recognised company to your prospects through words alone. This is imperative because remember, marketing isn’t just about selling a product or feature, its about your customers story and where your company fits as a part of that story.

If you’d like to understand more about personas, marketing strategies or content marketing, get access to our on-demand webinar right away. 

B2B Content Strategy: Is your content connected to your customer?

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