[ Blog ] Marketing Is The Car, Marketing Automation Is The Engine

Love it or hate it, marketing automation is here to stay.

Think of it like this- if marketing is the car, marketing automation is the engine. It’s integral to a marketing strategy and offers a wealth of opportunity. Additionally, it helps businesses to

  • align marketing and sales
  • improve productivity and meet marketing and business goals
  • optimise the customer journey

Here’re three key aspects of marketing automation that we would advise getting up and running straight away in order to see increased customer acquisition and customer engagement.

Don’t use marketing automation as a glorified email provider 

Automating content and nurture paths are great for multiple reasons. First of all, they enable you to send the right content to the right persona at the right time. Some businesses forget this and get complacent in their day to day working. This has led to us working on many projects whereby clients use their shiny, new marketing automation platform to blast emails. Don’t do it! Plan a strategy and see some effective results.

Personalising communications is essential, especially if you want to keep up with competition in 2017.

So you might have already guessed from point one, email blasting simply won’t cut it anymore. Marketing automation will increase your click-to-open rates and decrease unsubscribe rates because the content is tailored to your prospect throughout the customer lifecycle. This isn’t automatic, however, you need to put the work in and define a customer-centric strategy to achieve this.

Integrate marketing automation with your CRM 

What did you do before you integrated CRM to marketing automation? (If you’re one of the businesses yet to do this, now’s the time to catch-up). Gone are the days of working from Excel spreadsheets to define who your leads are. This is the simple, most effective way to align marketing and sales. Believe us- we’ve tried it all. It gets marketing and sales working together as opposed to their own agendas, which creates an element of unity within your business. The best part is, sales only talk to leads once they’re ready, which means no relationships ruined, no more time wasting, no more pulling criteria – the information is right at your fingertips.

Marketing made easy!

Don’t worry if your platform skills aren’t up to scratch; with marketing automation, you have the ability to create emails, landing pages, lists, all without the help of a web developer or IT support. Blockers from skill shortages are reduced with marketing automation which is why it’s essential to get it right, and fast.

If you need any help or advice with marketing automation, or your marketing automation strategy, don’t hesitate to request a callback where we can give you advice on how to move forward! Best of luck!

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