[ Blog ] Scale Up Your Marketing and Business With Marketo

If you’re in the business bracket that’s classed as “growing”, as most businesses are, you’re going to need marketing and sales platforms that scale and grow with you.

As marketing consultants, we see migrations happen from ESP’s to marketing automation platforms, all the time. Businesses of course move for many reasons, but a real common thread is that businesses grow beyond the capabilities of the platform they’ve invested in.

When it comes to marketing automation, there are a small handful of vendors that absolutely hit the mark, and you can count them on one hand. But do they all scale up? Of course you need to find a vendor that shares the same goals and objectives as you in the here and now, but forward thinking is essential because most top five platforms aren’t cheap to buy, or easy to learn. So, if you’re getting the itch, it’s time to start window shopping.

One particular client of ours, with particularly large growth goals, had to make this choice. After much deliberation they went with Marketo, who won the race for them next to many providers because of its ability to scale marketing processes. Here’s three additional factors that sealed the deal for them.

1. ABM (Account Based Marketing)

The area that really stands out about Marketo for most businesses is the capabilities to personalise communications, and their future plans are only getting more impressive. Three of the key areas are account-based marketing, (which works with web personalisation to feature targeted accounts) website retargeting (giving the power to remarked to segmented audiences) and predictive content (to offer content recommendations). No other provider on the market can offer what Marketo do in this realm which is why it consistently comes up top-trumps in the mid-market to Enterprise space.

2. An scalable and advanced buyer journey

Our client had a need to strengthen lead content across the buyer journey, but with an exceptionally large database, this was proving seemingly hard to achieve. As you can see here on Microsofts Martech Stack, Marketo is a platform for marketing, that strengthens marketing communications to meet business revenue goals. With a growing database, the team were struggling with advancing the customer journey to provide a seamless experience. Marketo helps with this because it tracks activity across various channels and supplies content based on that action. This can provide sales with information relevant to pursue the journey of the prospect through from marketing to sales, making for a more efficient buyer journey.
3. Reporting, reporting, reporting!
Do you actually know what you’re achieving through marketing? Our client thought so, but it turns out there were so many things missing from their analytics, which means less ROI than originally anticipated. Reporting from a sophisticated automation platform goes way beyond pulling spreadsheets, it’s moving into the data-driven marketing space, which is where we all need to be, moving forward in the digital world. Remember though, reporting is only useful if you choose to make business decisions based on your results.

With Marketo, you can track the whole customer journey and efforts in the business to see the return on your investments. You can see the exact marketing asset that pushed a lead through the sales cycle to a sale.

Looking to make the same move as our client above? If your current marketing platform is limiting you, get in touch today for some advice on your next move. 

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