[ Blog ] The Importance of Video Marketing For Lead Generation

While video marketing certainly isn’t a new idea, it has become increasingly important for brands to implement a video marketing strategy across all available channels and across the entire marketing funnel. Your video marketing strategy should no longer form just one part of your marketing, it should be central in your overall marketing strategy to reach your customers and generate leads.

When it comes to marketing, the branding and ‘stickiness’ benefits of video increase viewer value by at least 10x more than readers of traditional text content, making it the perfect time to implement video across the funnel, and throughout the whole customer journey.

Why video content matters

Video content is easy to digest and visually appealing, key messages can be conveyed concisely and in a way that is more memorable than text content. Recent HubSpot research found that 54% of consumers wanted to see video content from brands they support, while 43% of consumers found that video content was the most memorable in comparison to text (18%) and images (36%).

There are many benefits of adopting video marketing as part of your content marketing and inbound marketing strategies, including an increase in brand awareness, lead generation and consumer engagement.

Gating videos for lead generation

Gating your videos after a specified number of minutes of viewing or at the halfway point of your video is an effective way of screening leads and ensuring high quality leads are generated. By this, we mean the viewers who were interested in watching your video and were happy to provide details such as their name and email address to continue watching. Once you have qualified the viewer’s interest you have the opportunity to progress them further along the sales funnel.

Which platforms are best for video content?

Video content is often viewed as a form of content that is best suited to social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat, and while video works great on these platforms they are not the only options when it comes to video marketing.

It is important to run video across every channel, including your website and emails; video is a great way to drive traffic to your website from email campaigns and keep users in the marketing funnel. Including trackable video content on your website means you are keeping users on your site, not sending them to YouTube to watch your videos. Sending users to YouTube to watch videos forces them to leave your website and drives them out of the funnel, rather than progressing them along the funnel.

Want to know more?

If you would like to learn why and how video content can improve your marketing throughout the customer journey and how to properly run video across your entire funnel, watch our free webinar – The Importance of Video Content.

In our webinar, guest speaker and video expert, Todd Patton from TwentyThree, and Michael Dean from SuccessFlow, will be exploring:

  • Qualitative and quantitative use of video
  • Problems with how video is being used
  • How you should be using video and best practice for 2018
  • The future of video

Additionally, we’ll show you how to use video across the funnel and correctly measure engagement, while also taking a look at reporting and using analytics to gain valuable insights.

This webinar will be helpful whether you’re already using video, or planning to adopt it as part of your strategy. Watch the recording and bring your colleagues along for an insightful look into video marketing.

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