[ Blog ] The Secret to Quality Customer Acquisition and Customer Engagement

If you’re on the hunt for new leads but you don’t have a nurture programme to keep said leads engaged, you need a wake up call, and fast.

Throwing money at lead generation at the top of the funnel without a plan to keep prospects engaged means that you will constantly be in a cycle of needing to acquire new business. Many businesses spend money on advertising and marketing budget such as SEO, PPC, website and social but they have no plan as to what happens from here. If that’s you, carry on reading.
Marketing is all about relationship building and if you don’t invest in this you’ll end up spending more in the long run on your acquisition strategy. You need to hit the customer at various points according to their first touchpoint with your business. A key aspect of doing this is knowing who your ideal customer is.
Your customer database is your most valuable asset. Constantly hammering your database with top of the funnel lead generation focused activity will, most likely, put your audience off and cause them to opt-out because it isn’t tailored enough to that person, at that time. This is a huge problem because as soon as you’ve lost permission to email market to your audience, you can no longer approach them about your products or services. However, if you build a nurture programme around that persona, you are more likely to acquire them as a customer, because your communication is personalised to the individual.
So, how do you create this ideal customer lifecycle?
Firstly, you need to think about the value you get from the prospect and the value they get from you. Are you giving prospects what they need in order to convert them further into the funnel? If not, how can you capture more time, attention and revenue from them? Start building relationships. Here’s what the ideal business relationships need to have
  • relationships need to be personable to that individual
  • mutually beneficial to both businesses
  • continuous and consistent
  • long-term and engaging
You cannot do any of this without  a strategy. There’s no question that a digital transformation strategy is no longer an option, it’s essential to survive in an age of digital disruption. 
If you’re looking to digitally transform your business, get in touch with us today to see your digital readiness rating.
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