[ Blog ] Increasing Social Engagement with Employee Advocacy

It is not a new concept but employee advocacy is making waves for marketers across the world. Ever since GDPR came into force at the end of May, companies have been looking for new ways to generate leads and the focus has been moved to social marketing.

In the past, companies would concentrate their efforts on more traditional social marketing, such as posting content and events through their company social pages but ignoring the number of contacts their actual employees have.

Companies are now involving their employees to increase their social engagement with the added advantage of keeping their employees engaged in the company and its values.


Increase your brand's reach by 561%

Recently you will have noticed an increasing number of articles showing some pretty impressive statistics on the results of employee advocacy. One of these came from a recent article by Forbes who stated that employee advocacy can increase your brand’s reach by 561%.

Here’s some of the other key benefits of employee advocacy:
  • Content shared by employees has 2x higher engagement versus when shared by a company (LinkedIn Business Solutions, 2018) – this is due to people being more likely to engage with people in their network due to them having more direct relationships with their connections
  • Advocacy allows you to reach new audiences that may not already be aware of your organisation but who are connected to your employee advocate – on average, employees have 10 times more 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn than a company has followers (LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog, 2018)
  • It helps showcase and position your most connected employees as ‘thought leaders’ – prospects are increasingly using social for their research into companies and solutions, so showing yourself as a specialist in your industry is important and can be achieved by sharing regular content through employee advocacy
  • It gives your social advocates a personal sense of achievement and worth as they are contributing to your overall marketing strategy in generating leads – with tools like Oktopost and LinkedIn Elevate you can also set up an employee advocacy leaderboard to show how their results are contributing to you social engagement
  • Boosts your online presence – we have seen a direct correlation between the number of connections gained and the number of social advocacy posts shared
  • Contrary to popular belief, it is not as time-consuming as you might think  having pre-approved content, created by your marketing team that is on message and on brand, readily available minimises effort for your employee advocates and makes them much more likely to post and share content.

The key to reaching untapped leads for your sales teams

Do you have employee advocacy in place in your organisation or is this something you are considering? Either way, no matter how larger or small you company is it really could be the key to reaching new potential un-tapped leads for your sales team.

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