[ Blog ] New to Pardot? Here’s What You Need To Do To Get Up and Running…

Before you begin using your wonderful, new, shiny Pardot platform, you will need to implement the fundamentals. The following fundamentals checklist is designed according to digital marketing best practice and should be actioned within 3-4 weeks of investing in Pardot.

Connect Salesforce to Pardot

Map the Pardot Lead fields to your Account, Contact and Opportunity fields, making sure all users can see the package.

Set up users and map to Salesforce

Sync marketing, sales and management teams with their corresponding user records in Salesforce. Align users to the correct profile and permissions, so they have visibility of their day-to-day tasks.

Map all fields needed for segmentation and reporting

Define which fields you require for segmented marketing and reporting, and map these between Salesforce and Pardot.

Place the tracking code on your website

Place the Pardot tracking code on each page of your website to capture visitor activity directly into the system.

Build forms

Create forms within Pardot and place them on your website and feed prospect information into Salesforce.

 Set up DKIM and SPF

Set up SenderPolicy Framework (SP)F and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) to allow email sends from your own domain and retain the authenticity of your mail. 

Import data and segment

Migrate your historical Lead and Contact data into Pardot, and link it with the corresponding Salesforce records.

With your fundamentals in place, you can start to track your audience and focus your attention on the strategic action plan.

If you want to know more on the checklist or need help with a wider strategic plan? Download our Pardot Guide, Making the most of your Salesforce Pardot investment: 6 considerations to drive ROI, written by our experienced marketing automation specialists.


To begin your path to better Pardot implementation, read our guide written by our Salesforce Pardot specialists and consultants who have many years of experience delivering marketing automation solutions. 

Making the most of your Salesforce Pardot investment

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