[ Blog ] Salesforce Pardot: The Fundamentals Needed to Enhance Investment

For successful Pardot integration into Salesforce, you need the correct knowledge, expertise and approach.

If you’re not sure where to begin with the platform, we’ve listed some key considerations for you to take into account for a successful implementation

  • Align your sales and marketing teams to improve the flow of leads through the funnel
  • Create an enhanced online customer experience
  • Automate content to your audience through the customer journey
  • Experience ROI and see constant improvements
  • Increase your knowledge of the platform and marketing automation best practice

Your first question might be where do I start with all of this? Well, our Salesforce Pardot specialists have created a guide to take you through these considerations and where to begin your journey. By actioning these considerations, you can expect to see a streamlined approach to sales and marketing, resulting in increased volume and velocity across the funnel.

We also cover the key technical fundamentals you should set up to achieve success including integrating Salesforce to Pardot, adding a tracking code on your website and importing data and segmenting. Once you have actioned the fundamentals, you can start to track your audience and move on to the bigger picture and the real strategic action plan.


To begin your path to better Pardot implementation, read our guide written by our Salesforce Pardot specialists and consultants who have many years of experience delivering marketing automation solutions.

 Making the most of your Salesforce Pardot investment


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